Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paté Terrine

I love these paté terrines or game casserole dishes.Some are antique Pillivuyt, some are new aplico but all are beautiful.My sister and mom are terrified of them.They find the hares glaring eyes from the en croute pastry crust dish a little frightening!

The boars head and wild pig are soup terines from portugal.They are actually Bordallo Pinheiro majolica originals

My cherished covered wedgwood doves dish.It is similar to the one Martha used in the formal parlor at Turkey Hill when it was featured in September of 1999.If I liked paté I would use these since they are more utilitarian that their antique cousins.


  1. I made a pate a couple of months ago, and I was shuddering the entire time. Trimming all of those livers... I'm not squeamish at all but liver and I have a bad history. The pate I had at a fancy restaurant was amazing. The one I made from an Epicurious recipe was overpowering in its liverishness despite all of the extra cognac I added.

    The Portuguese soup terrines are too cool. It would be amazing to have a dinner party and serve from them! My soup terrine is plain old Crate and Barrel. Nothing whimsical about it at all.

  2. Hi,
    I have a collection of antique Pillivyut terrines, do you think I can actually make a pate in one? The cooking temp is 475 degrees F, and I am worried about breakage.
    Thanks for your help!

  3. I read via the web site and Pillivuyt pottery is supposed to be indestructible.However I would use a new ramekin or an en croute pastry crust mold.I have seen them in sur la table.