Friday, March 20, 2009

Living with books..

I own hundreds even maybe at least a thousand books.They have taken over everywhere.I have a floor to ceiling built-in bookcase.But they still have covered everything from nightstands to my desk.Even my ottoman holds books.I love Martha's technique of having piles of books everywhere.Did you notice her first post on the daily wag the photo of Laura Plimpton, Christine O'Neill, and Eliad Laskin has a table laden with books in the background next to the fireplace.I also see it in a lot of homes in paris from all the books I have studied .
It dosent look like alot of books.Until you lose one or buy the same one twice.


  1. I love all my books... Much like you, books are beginning to take over! I could never think of parting with a single one! Great post!

  2. My book collection has outgrown my ability to house it. I love a stack of books and have a table in my bedroom that has three stacks of books: one of decorating books, one of novels, one of non-fiction.

    I love all of the P.D. James, Agatha Christie, and Narnia related books in your collection. I love everything and anything to do with England. I'd love to live there!