Sunday, November 14, 2010

Channeling Martha 3..

When I was 10 I discovered Martha Stewart. My mother allowed me to transform her own modest kitchen. I was sort of playing house. My mom loves the 50's so her kitchen had red checkered wall print.

Martha always had photographs around her telephones in her Westport kitchen. I followed suit.

I even had the soap bottle dispenser.

Our kitchen know still has all of my copper molds. I have the french copper owl which I would of killed for when I was 14.

I even bought the style of KitchenAid Martha had. I had to have one that said Hobart. I would reenact the segment from the original season where she makes madeleines. I would even wear a big stainless Swiss Army watch.

Utensils in crocks. Most of the utensils are almost 15 years old. Don't put them in dishwasher and they will last forever.

I love Martha's butlers pantry. The way she displays a collection is very inspiring to me.

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