Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing House..

Since birth I have wanted to be a housewife. I have always loved everything domestic related. That's why I adore Martha Stewart so much. The excitement I feel for things like a teapot or couch or even a vacuum cleaner, I would hope is similar to her feelings as well. When I was a child and fell in love with vacuums you would think it would be a phase and pass.
Years later it only resonated into the love of houses and everything that goes on inside them.
The first Electrolux I remember vividly! I bought this one on eBay years later. The one I remember had the power nozzle in the back of the photo with the smaller top so I had to find one that matched.
The Olympia. Still my favorite!!
The beautiful epic series.
I never use this one. It has been used less than 5 times.

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